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January 2019
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We're talking about Asian and Asian-inspired gamery, geekery and all sorts of other cool stuff!

0:00:00  Intros
0:01:06  The Up Front: On geek vs. capabilities
0:05:35  The Interview:  Master Rich Parsons tells us what it takes to become a martial arts guru, breaks down some RPG combat systems, and takes on the Geek-del Test!
0:42:02  Payin' some bills

0:47:16 The Roundtable:  Wherein Mike and Jack talk Asian gaming and films, confront rules bloat, and make like Bruce and Jackie with the picks!

1:39:42  Community Calendar

1:43:26  Outro & Credits

1:44:55  Bonus Track:    Wampa Roll!

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Episode Eleven of The Chippewa Valley Geek Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue is complete and can be found here or on iTunes and Stitcher!

We're covering the holidays with an examination of feasts and food in history, games and geek media!

0:00:00  Intros
0:02:00  The Up Front: On pageantry and periodicity
0:05:38  The Interview:  Medieval food expert Cassandra Baldassano tells us about medieval misconceptions, humors us with a discussion of the four humors, and takes on the Geek-del Test!
0:27:!6  Payin' some bills

0:32:19  The Roundtable:  Wherein Mike and Donny and Jack make with the matchups, celebrate 7 holidays in 90 minutes, and enjoy an offally good dinner!
1:58:08  Announcements and the Community Calendar

2:03:47  Outro & Credits

2:04:58  Bonus Track:    Highway 53 Blues!

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We're back from an accidental hiatus, and we're talking about freewill and fate in our lives and in our games!

0:00:00  Intros
0:02:02  The Up Front: On choosing to choose poorly
0:07:05  The Interview:  Author and illustrator 
Matt Y
oungmark tells us about the Choose-o-matic Book Series, vouches for the creative influence of Jean-Claude Van Damme, and takes on the Geek-del Test!
0:30:24  Payin' some bills

0:34:54  The Roundtable:  Wherein Mike and Donny fulfill their destiny by defending the fantasy that they have some control over their sad, pathetic lives.  Also, we discover a long lost classic of geek literature together!
1:52:25  A rebuttal of sorts

1:53:42  A non-calendar and a long-distance dedication

1:54:46  Outro & Credits

1:56:31  Bonus Track:    CN Woman Boogie!

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It's the start of Season Two, and you're getting a veritable cannonade about canon in this episode!

0:00:00 Intros

0:02:06 The Up Front: On race and re-casting canon

0:12:25 The Interview:Tom Foss of The Fortress of Soliloquy explains the point of canon, lets us know where it goes horribly wrong, and takes on the Geek-del Test!

0:56:12 Payin' some bills

1:01:26 The Roundtable:WhereinDonny and Mike heap their scorn on canon, then decide they're kind of OK with it after all, and then go and choose the wrong cannon!
The Community Calendar

1:50:44 Outro & Credits


1:52:05 Bonus Track: Sagan the Blues!

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We're talking magic this month and it's a sorcerous smorgasbord!

0:00:00 Intros
0:01:12 The Up Front: On the "Magic" of Childhood
0:07:06 The Interview:  Our very own "Monster" Mike Holcomb sits in the hotseat, debunks the Player's Handbook, and takes on the Geek-del Test!
0:34:33 Payin' some bills

0:38:14 The Roundtable:  Dastardly Donny and a special surprise guest share their gifts, equivocate on invocation, and make like Terry and Howie with some picks!
1:40:53 The Community Calendar

1:45:50 Some GaryCon coverage:

    1:46:36 - Paul Stormberg and The Moathouse

    1:59:08 - David Lankton & Scott Diehl of CMX Games and Copper Country

2:07:07 The Monthly Marathon: Gotham?  I barely met 'im!

2:07:52 Outro & Credits
2:09:34 Bonus Track:    Me and Her Pony Blues!

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Episode Seven of The Chippewa Valley Geek Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue


Welcome to 2014!  Here's your accordion!


0:00:00 Intros
0:01:44 The Up Front: On Geeks Bearing Gifts
0:06:57 The Interview:  Rev. Derek White, the Geek Preacher, gets theological up in the hizzy, grants us a +2 bonus on our Knowledge (Hell) skill checks, and takes on the Geek-del Test!
0:36:57 Payin' some bills

0:40:26 The Roundtable:  Wherein the boys talk about hockey sticks, mapping infinite planes, and throw out far too many country music references for my personal comfort level!
1:32:03 The Community Calendar

1:37:13 A Warpcon travelogue

1:44:18 The March Monthly Marathon: Gods, will this winter ever end?
1:45:25 Outro & Credits
1:46:46 Bonus Track:    Sold My Soul For Rockin' Rolls!

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It's October 2013 (kind of), and we're talking about monsters, varmints and things that need killin'!


0:00:00 Intros
0:01:56 The Up Front: On Addiction and Mental Illness in Geek Games & Media
0:06:54 The Interview:  Author, Lecturer and Paranormal Researcher Chad Lewis gives me the lowdown on the hodag, tells you why to stay off Hwy 37, and takes the Geek-del Test!
0:25:10 Payin' some bills

0:28:01 The Roundtable:  Wherein the boys talk about what makes a great monster, make like Terry and Howie with the picks, and Monster Mike inadvertently puts his geek qualifications into question!
1:05:14 The Community Calendar 
1:09:21 The October Monthly Marathon: Itty Bitty Don't-Say-This-In-School-boy!
1:09:39 The October Giveaway Contest
1:10:32 Outro & Credits
1:12:29 Bonus Track:    Hodag Me!

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It's September 2013, and we're talking about the act of creation and generating new material and stuffs for our hobbies!



0:00:00 Intros
0:01:09 The Up Front: On My Talentless Fanboy Angst
0:08:11 The Interview:  Sculptor Scott Francek offers trade secrets, opines on the relative worth of nudity and horses to an artist, and takes on the Geek-del Test!
0:37:44 The Roundtable:  World Building, Adventure Building, and Encounter Building!
1:18:14 The Community Calendar
1:23:00 The September Monthly Marathon: Game over, man!  Game over!
1:24:14 The September Giveaway Contest
1:24:43 Outro & Credits
1:26:26 Bonus Track:    You Know My Rider


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It's August 2013, and we are continuing the gender issues discussion this month - this time from the other side of the septic tank!  Also, Eli Bremmer and the Eau Claire Coalition!

0:00:00 Intros

0:01:11 The Up Front: On SDCC

0:08:56 The Interview:  The Eau Claire Coalition

0:40:32 The Roundtable:  Masculinity and Gender Issues in Society and Geekery

1:21:18 The Community Calendar

1:25:56 The August Monthly Marathon: Golem?  I barely met ‘im!

1:28:32 The August Giveaway

1:29:49 Outro & Credits

1:31:04 Bonus Track:    Riddle of Steel


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It's another podcast!  'Cause podcasts are cool!  (Dont worry - it's way shorter than last month.)
Join me as I celebrate our Independence Day with a TARDIS trip to the UK of Whoville
!  Also, why Kevin Smith doesn't suck as much as you would like me to think he does!

Contents include:

00:00  Introductions

01:05  The Up Front:  On How I'm Over You Being Over Kevin Smith

06:30  The Roundtable:  Is There A Doctor In The House?

41:12  The Community Calendar for July/Early August 2013!

45:50  The July Monthly Marathon Challenge!
46:55  Another Giveaway!

48:55  End Credits

50:21  Bonus Track! – “11 Doc Rock 

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